There are many different types of poetry.   For example, literary poetry, poetry for page, spoken word and slam poetry to name a few.  Poetry for entertainment is something that God birthed in me.  This type of poetry combines different forms of poetry.   It may be standard 2, 4 rhyme scheme.  It may be spoken word or tend to be more prosy, but most of the time it tells a story.  By acting out characters or different points of view, I engage the listener and put them in the scene of the poem.  It is almost a short dramatization.  Complete In Him was the first poem of this nature that God gave to me.  I have taken a collaboration of my life’s experiences along with others and poured them into poetry that I pray will spark a different mindset for people when in troublesome or hopeless situations.  In addition to stimulating your mind, I love to write poetry that simply brings a smile to your face.




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